TIM 50 Business Paper
Winter 2012


The business analysis paper should focus on the use of information systems within a company of your choice. You should pick a company for which information systems played a key roll in making that company successful, and the paper should focus on how information systems contributed to that success. Your paper should answer the following areas:

The business analysis paper will be done by team of about 4 people with the same grade given to all members of the team. There will be an opportunity during the final ecam for team members to give feedback on how their teammates contributed, and this feedback may be used to adjust the grades.

The paper will be assessed using the following criteria:

You will be marked down a lot if you fail to cite your sources in the body of the text! Please read this guide on citing sources properly.

Did the paper cite print sources and not just Internet sources? Please cite at least 5 print sources in your paper. If your article appears online and in print, cite the print version.

The paper will not be judged by its length, but rather by its content. However, it would be difficult to address adequately all of the relevant questions in less than 12 pages.

Due Dates:

Cite Sources Properly:

You need to let your readers know where you got your information, so please cite sources and facts in the body of your paper properly. Using the ideas or words of another author is plagiarism.

For the business paper you do not need to follow a particular style, but be consistent in whichever format you do select.

These are style manuals you might find useful to write your project: 





And this is a Guide on Plagiarism: