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ISM 101 Seminar: 13 January 2005; 2 PM; JB 156

Program Management – The Whole Picture

Howard Stolz

Engineering Program Manager

Apple Computer




Most high tech projects require the coordinated effort of hundreds of talented people yet few team members are aware of the impact of their work product on the deliverables of other cross-functional team members. As global competition increases the pressure to reduce development time, the seamless interaction between cross-functional groups becomes ever more critical to the success of the product. One of the key roles of the program manager is to make sure everyone sees the whole picture.


Presentation Agenda:

  1. Bio & Intro (10min)
  2. Program Manager – The Whole Picture (30min)
  3. Project Examples: (30min)
  4. Q & A (15min)

Presentation Slides (PDF) 453.2 KB


Key Lessons Learned:

Product Development at Apple has 5 major phases: initiation (defining product requirements, etc.), planning (scheduling, assessing project and product costs), execution (which includes prototype development), control (which includes product cost tracking), and closing

The Project Manager (ofProduct Development) at Apple performs the following key functions: secures resources; scopes costs associated with the project, product, etc.; coordinates development, testing, and other key functions; and tracks progress

In today’s technology-business environment, development cycles are getting shorter, and cross-functional teams must work together much earlier in the product development process. Therefore, there is an increasing need for integration of the product development phases through improved knowledge and processes


About the Speaker:

Howard Stolz is an Engineering Program Manager at Apple Computer. He has participated in the development of more than 50 products. This includes both extremes of product development from traditional in-house design and manufacturing, to joint development with global partners. His initial “claim to fame” was on the industrial design of the Amiga 1000.


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