EE221/EE172: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits

Here is a very concise and clear explanation of bandwidth estimation techniques. It is in the secure folder and is available only by password if you are trying to access this from off campus. This describes very useful techniques for understanding the origins of the frequency response limitations in circuits. Read this before class on Tuesday. We will be doing some examples based on this method.

Bandwidth Estimation Techniques

EE172-221 Equation Sheet for Tests

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1 MOS Devices Updated 2013

Lecture 2 Single Stage Amplifiers Updated Fall 2013

Lecture 3 Single Stage Amplifiers Updated 2013

Lecture 4 Differential Amplifiers Updated 2013

Lecture 5 Current Sources Updated 2013

Lecture 6-7 Frequency Response Revised Fall 2013

Lecture 8 Noise-1 Updated 2013

Lecture 9 Noise-2 Updated 2013

Lecture 11 Feedback-1 New 2007

Lecture 12 Feedback Amplifiers with Loading - New 2007

Lecture 13 Opamps-1 Update 2015

Lecture 14 Opamps-2 Update 2015

Lectures 15 and 16 Stability and Frequency Compensation New Version 2005

Lecture 17 Bandgap References 2004 version may change for 2005

Lecture 18 Switched Capacitor Circuits 1 2004 version may change for 2005

Lecture 19 Switched Capacitor Circuits 2 2004 version may change for 2005

Lecture 20 DACs and ADCs New 2007