EE221/EE172: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits

Useful and Classic Papers

CMOS OpAmp DesignTutorial

Switched Capacitor Circuits

"MOS-sampled data recursive filters using switched-capacitor integrators" by Bedrich Hosticka, Robert Brodersen, and Paul Gray, University of California, Berkeley, California

Solid State Circuit Society Comments on Switch Capacitor Circuits

"Noise sources and calculation techniques for switched capacitor filters"
Fischer, J.H.; Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of ,Volume: 17 , Issue: 4 , Aug 1982 Pages:742 - 752

"Charge injection in analog MOS switches"Wegmann, G.; Vittoz, E.A.; Rahali, F.;
Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of ,Volume: 22 , Issue: 6 , Dec 1987 Pages:1091 - 1097

"Switch-induced error voltage on a switched capacitor" Sheu, B.J.; Hu, C.;
Solid-state Circuits, IEEE Journal of ,Volume: 19 , Issue: 4 , Aug 1984 Pages:519 - 525

"A 12-bit 1-Msample/s capacitor error-averaging pipelined A/D converter"
Bang-Sup Song; Tompsett, M.F.; Lakshmikumar, K.R.; Solid-state Circuits, IEEE Journal of ,Volume: 23 , Issue: 6 , Dec. 1988 Pages:1324 - 1333

"A high-swing 2-V CMOS operational amplifier with replica-amp gain enhancement"
Yu, P.C.; Hae-Seung Lee; Solid-state Circuits, IEEE Journal of ,Volume: 28 , Issue: 12 , Dec. 1993 Pages:1265 - 1272

Commercial links to the "Real world"

Cadence for professional software for design and simulation of IC circuits.

MOSIS for facility that does prototyping of CMOS ICs. See spec's for real IC processes and SPICE model parameter extraction.

UMC Commercial vendor of wafer fab service.

Electronic Design Software- A set of links to all sorts of software resources-Scroll down for the links

Historical Links

Electricity-By Dave Barry

IEEE History Center

Transistorized!-The History of the Invention of the Transistor

The Transistor Museum- People who collect old transistors?!? You bet! History and more.

Transistor History-Lucent (formerly Bell Labs) the place where the transistor was invented.


Technology Links

IEEE-Virtual Museum

How Stuff Works: Electronics

Samuel M. Goldwasser's Bookmarks An incredible list of links for those of you who want to tinker.

Make Semiconductors in your Oven at Home-Build a Solar Cell from inexpensive material you can scrounge. Lot of other cool stuff on this site as well.

Tutorial Links

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