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EE221/EE172: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits
Fall 2016

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Hope you all had a good break. I hope this is an interesting, useful and enlightening class. Don't hesitate to come to me with your questions.

For access to the solutions handouts you must either be accessing the site from on campus or have the class password and login information which will be provided at the first class meeting.

Be sure you read and understand this website, this site serves as the course syllabus.

Although EE178 was listed as a prerequisite we have dropped this requirement. The semiconductor device knowledge helps but if you read and understand chapter 2 in the course text book then you should have sufficient background to take this class. If you do not have EE178 or equivalent please read this chapter before the first class.

My recommendation to all students considering this class is to get the book and read the first two chapters and, if it has been awhile since you have seen this material,, read the first 3. We will be reviewing this material but the device material review will be brief and the single stage amplifier material will be presented from a point of view that may be a bit novel compared as to how you were taught. Most students have encountered these basic stages in the context of bipolar transistors so understanding how they work in MOS will take a bit of adjustment.


Course Description

Credit Hours: 5 Units

Analog integrated circuit design with emphasis on fundamentals of designing linear circuits using CMOS. Covers MOS devices and device modeling, current mirrors, op-amp design, op-amp compensation, comparators, multipliers, voltage references, sample-and-holds, noise, and an introduction to more complicated systems using these building blocks, such as phase locked loops and analog-to-digital converters. If time permits, integrated circuit layout issues and device/circuit fabrication. Students cannot receive credit for this course and course 172.


EE171 Analog Circuits or Equivalent background

EE178 Semiconductor Devices Recommended but not necessary (Read Chapter 2 in the course text before the first class meeting if you do not have this background)

Where: Lecture at BE room 156.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:20-6:55 pm.

Final: EE221 & EE172 Final Tuesday, December 6 7:30-10:30 pm  in the same class room used for lecture.

Warning: Check your calendars, be sure that you can make the final, and, for instance are not planning to try to leave town early, alternatives can only be offered in the more dire circumstances according to campus policies. For instance having a flight to catch for vacation or not realizing that your 1 am flight on Dec. 6 actually leaves before the final are not acceptable. If you cannot make the final or the midterm please do not take this class.

Course outline:

Integrated Circuit Devices and Modeling
Processing and Layout
Review of Single-Stage Amplifiers and Current Sources
Noise Analysis and Modeling
Current and Voltage References, Supply Independent Biasing
Basic Op-Amp Design
Two Stage Amplifier
Frequency Response
Stability Compensation
Switched Capacitor Circuits
Special Topics (Time Permitting)

Ken Pedrotti

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