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The readings associated with each lecture are posted here. The page numbers refer to the numbered pages in the reader or the course text. Occasionally I may post a .pdf file for you to read here as well. In the homework column the homework assignments are posted next to the lecture at which they are due. You are free to turn the assignments earlier but late homework will not be accepted or graded. You may expect the homework solutions to be posted in the form of a link on this page adjacent to the assignment shortly after each assignment is due.

Please carefully note the midterm final and term paper due dates and times. The final is on Wednesday March 18 from 12 noon until 3 pm. If you cannot make these dates please do not take this class. Alternate tests or times will only be scheduled due to dire circumstances such as those outlined in campus academic policy. In particular no allowances can be made for travel plans or needs, airline reservations, vacation plans etc. so please take these factors into consideration before starting this class.

KEY to reading assignments:
R = Reader for EE080t available through the Baytree bookstore
W = White "Electrical Engineering Uncovered"
A = Amdahl "There are no Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings"

The Page numbers will be preceeded by R, W, or A indicating in which text the reading material is to be found

Date Lect.
Reading/Viewing Assignment Homework

Tues 1/5


1 Static Electricity - Sparks and Shocks

Franklin, the Modern Prometheus pp. R 3-7

An Electrical Generator pp. R 75

Electrostatics Demonstration R pp. 76

Cartoon Guide to PhysicsChapter 12 Charge pp.R 355-366

There are no Electrons - Electrons, Charge and Voltage pp. A 1-30






Batteries-Current-Magnetism-Ohms Law

Electricity and Magnetism to 1820 W. A. Atherton pp. R 83-101

Cartoon Guide To Physics:
Chapter 18 Permanent Magnets pp. R 410-413
Chapter 15 Electric Currents pp. R 378-391

There are no Electrons-Current, Resistance, Magnetism pp A 30-48




3 DC Circuits, Fundamental Circuit Laws, and the Telegraph


Electrical Engineering Uncovered p W 115-131 Direct Current Fundamentals (this reading is in the course textbook)

Victorian Internet - By Tom Standage pp. R 137-178

Fax: The Priest and the Pendulum pp. R 29-32

Cartoon Guide to Physics
Chapter 16 Series and Parallel pp. R 392-398

There are no Electrons pp. A 70-109







Electromagnetism Faraday-Maxwell

AC Circuits Inductors and Capacitors

"Alternating Current and Components" Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 143-160

Electromagnetism- W. A. Atherton pp. R 101-111

Electromagnetic Fields pp. R 79

Cartoon Guide To Physics:
Chapter 13 Electric Fields pp. R 367-372
Chapter 14 Capacitors pp. R 373-377
Chapter 17 Magnetic Fields pp. R 367-409
Chapter 19 Faraday Induction pp. R 414-418
Chapter 21 Inductors pp. R 419-421
Chapter 22 AC and DC pp. R 428-436
Chapter 23 Maxwells Equations and Light pp. R 422-427

There are no Electrons
Induction and Alternating Current pp. A 49-70, AC Circuits pp. A 109-200

Homework 1 Postponed now Due in class on Tues. 1/19.



The same password that you use to access the solutions will also unlock the document.



5 The Telephone

How Not to Invent the Telephone-pp.R 32-41

Video Link:


HW 1 now due on this date.




Electric Light and Power

AC Generators/Motors/Ground/Power Distribution

Video-Edison-Electric Nation

Whose Light Bulb?-Edison in a New Light pp. R 8-15

"Engineering Design: Why? What?How?" Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 9-12

War of the Currents, or Lets Westinghouse Him pp. R 16-25

"Power For the People" Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 265-272

Electricity Meters p. R 503

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters pp. R 508-509

Halogen Lights p. R 511





Electric Power-Early Radio


Propagation of Electric Waves pp. R 80

Acceptance of Maxwells Theory-and Radio W. A. Atherton pp.R 111-114 and 117-122

Catch a Wave pp. R 488-489

Anti Shoplifting Lables p. R 490

HW2 AC Circuits






Electronic Radio

Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 273-287 Wireless Communication Systems

The "Edison Effect" pp. R 77-78

Electronic Radio W. A. Atherton pp. R 123-128

Empire of the Air-The Man who Made Radio pp. R 181-197

(For those with more technical interest or background check out "A Nonlinear History of Radio" pp.R 211-232 from "The Design of CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits" by Thomas H. Lee)







FM Radio-Television W. A. Atherton pp. R 128-133

Who Really Invented Television? pp. R 41-47

John Logie Baird: The Scotsman who Almost Won the TV Race pp. R 48-51

Flat Displays pp. R 506-507

Active Matrix Liquid-Crystal Displays p. R 517

Scanning Electron Microscopes pp. R 527-528








Invention that Changed the World by Buderi pp. R 235-257

The Dream that Won the Battle of Britain pp. R 69-71

Radar Guns-Gotcha pp. 525-526

Weather Radar pp. R 534-535

HW3 Problems


List of past Term Paper Topics





Bring a ParSCORE Sheet, also called the "ParScore Mini blue book" these are available for purchase at the bookstore. this is the pink single sheet version Form No. F1712-ERI-L


Midterm Solutions

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Midterm Distribution



12 Electronic Warfare

From a Melted Candy Bar to Microwaves pp. R 26-28

Instruments of Darkness-The History of Electronic Warfare pp. R 261-279




13 Transistors

"Dawn of an Age" Crystal Fire-Michael Riordan and Lillian Hoddeson pp. R 283-288

Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 203-218 Semiconductors:From Ns and Ps to CMOS

The Revolution in your pocket - The first pocket transistor radio pp. R 437-443




14 Integrated Circuits

Crystal Fire-The Monolithic Idea pp. R 289-299

The Bipolar Junction Transistor-Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 232-238

Fabrication of ICs and MEMs - Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 249-264

Focusing a Flash pp. R 491-492

Smart Cards pp. R 529-530





Digital Electronics

Computers-The Dark Ages

How many Words is a picture Really Worth? Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 31-34

Digital Logic Devices Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 163-179

CMOS Logic and Memory Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 221-227

The History of Computers-Les Freed pp. R 333-351

The Computer that Saved D-day pp. R 59-68

Quartz Watches - pp. R 523-524

HW4 Problems





16 Computers-The PC Revolution

Mice and Men pp. R 497-498

"The Making of the Mouse- Invention and Technology"-pp. R 445-452

"Computer Architecture"Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 183-191

"What's in the Box?" Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 193-201

Ink Jet Printing pp. 512-513

Touch Pads p. R 531

Touch Screens pp. R 532-533




17 Internet and Digital Communications Information Technology Inside and Outside-Cyganski pp. R 303-315

Term Paper Assignment See the beginning of the HW 4 assignment for details regarding your papers.

Class Term Papers are Due on this day papers will be reduced by 1/2 a grade for every day they are late.




18 Lasers and Fiber Optics

Laser: The Atomic Radio-Light pp.R 52-58

Diodes(Solar Cells and LEDs)Electrical Engineering Uncovered pp. W 229-232

Advice to Freshmen Electrical Engineering Uncovered, pp. W 53-60

Quick Scan pp. R 493-494

Digital Cameras pp. R 499

Take my Pixel- pp. R 501-502

Laser Eye Surgery pp. R 514-515

Laser Printers p. R 516

Night Vision pp. R 518-519

Optical Fibers p. R 522




19 Alternate Energy

More Profit with Less Carbon- pp. R 472-480








20 The Future

Really haven't found a good authority on this...I will consult my crystal ball, the Tarot and I-Ching for advice.

Try: Rise of the Body Bots pp. R 481-487

To Hear Again p.R 496 - 497

Electronic Skis pp. R 504-505

HW5 Problems


Final Thursday, March 18 from 7:30-10:30 pm


* Bring a ParSCORE Sheet, also called the "ParScore Mini blue book" these are available for purchase at the bookstore. This is the pink single sheet version Form No. F1712-ERI-L

Thursday, March 18 from 7:30-10:30 pm

Thursday, March 18 from 7:30-10:30 pm

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