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Computer Science 290A
Topics in Algorithms and Complexity Theory
CMPS 290A (43640)

This quarter the topics will focus on modern SAT solvers (SAT meaning propositional satisfiability) and QBF solvers. (QBF stands for quantified boolean formula.)

Applications will be studied according to student interests.

Probability and Average Case, seen on some web pages, refer to a different quarter.

Blurb for Winter 2011: http:blurb.txt

General course description: http:course-desc.html


DO NOT RUN lpr at school on a pdf file or on a ps.gz file. Use the ps file.
Or print out of acroread on moondance or sundance after making sure the print command is correct in the print window that opens. For example, lpr -Pe3east -o sides=two-sided-long-edge.


This class will use Moodle course management software (at for a discussion group and announcements.
You need to register for a Moodle account, and add cmps290a, W11 (above link) to your Moodle account.
See the general moodle website ( for generic Moodle help.
Be sure to register at the soe moodle site.

Two-page Acad.-Admin. calendar, pdf.
Key Dates, A.Y. 2010-11.
Schedule of Classes.
Registrar web pages.

SOE Class Search.
Simplified access to Registrar web page.
Sorry, this broke when they redid the School of Engineering web page. You'll just have to wade through the registrar's interface as best you can.

Lecture times:
MWF 12:30-2:00, J. Baskin Engr., Room 169.

Prof. Allen Van Gelder (avg @
Phone: (831) 459-4611 (Lab 459-4534)
Office: 355 Engineering II (Lab 482)
Office Hours: Mon., Wed. 2:00-3:30, plus drop-in or appt.

Teaching Assistant:
(empty string)
Office Hours: (empty string)

Primary Textbook:
None. You will read papers.
Lectures will cover background needed, at the beginning of the quarter.
Most of the quarter will be papers. Details forthcoming.

Other Texts (for reference, no assignments):
Computer Algorithms, 3rd Edition
by Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder
Please click here to see Supplements

Introduction to Computer Algorithms, 2nd Ed. or 3rd Ed.
by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein (2001 or 2009)

Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
by Aho, Hopcroft, and Ullman (1979)

C: An Advanced Introduction, ANSI C Edition
by Narain Gehani

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