Lecture notes
Evolutionary Game Theory
Winter 2002
(Instructions for notetakers?)

Lecture 1 (Th Jan 3):
Overview by all three of us
MW: Summary of packages and what they are good for

Lecture 2 (Tu Jan 8):
DF: Extensive Form and Normal Form (pdf) (word file) by Karen Glocer

BS: Population Genetics Primer (Preliminary notes ) by Angela Telerski

Lecture 3 (Th Jan 10):

BS: Hawk/Dove Game ( ps file) by Ryan Weber

DF: Solution concepts, DS, IEDS, BI, NE, ESS (ps, pdf) by Ismail Ari

Lecture 4 (Th Jan 15):

BS: Hawk/Dove Game Continued, and other 2-3 player games (ps, pdf) by Robert B. Gramacy

DF: Formal Treatment of 3 basic types of games (ps, pdf)by RJ Honicky

Homework #2b Solutions by Dan Friedman, Robert B. Gramacy, Jonathan Panttaja, Clayton Bjorland, and Ismail Ari (ps, pdf)

Lecture 5 (Th Jan 17):

MW: Competitive analysis and on-line learning games (pdf file, word file) by Jun Liao

DF: Connections between Replicator Dynamics (pdf file) by Ye Bao

Lecture 6 (Tu Jan 22):

DF: Game of Imperfect Information (pdf file) by Hui Miao

Lecture 7 (Th Jan 24):

DF: Finding all NashEquilibria    (html preliminary)    (notes by Chad Brower)

MW: Cellular Automaton    (pdf preliminary)    (notes by Sanjit Jhala)

BS: Levels of selection    (pdf preliminary)    (notes by Sanjit Jhala)

Lecture 8 (Tu Jan 29):

DF: Social creatures and repeated games (ps file, pdf file, source tar.gz file) by Jason Rohrer

Lecture 10 (Tu Feb 5):

MW: In Vitro Selection ( pdf file) scanned by Paul Viotti

Lecture 13 (Tu Feb 19):

MW: Genetic Algorithms ( 1. Part as pdf) ( 2. Part as pdf) scanned by Stefan Gross

Lecture 15 (Tu Feb 26):

MW: online and offline learning algorithms ( 1. Lecture as pdf) scanned by Stefan Gross