CMPS 262 - Computer Animation

Instructor:    Prof. James Davis
Location:      E2-386 (Mocap lab)
Time:            MW 3:30-5pm


Facial Pose Generation [draft review]
Natural Keyframe Animation Using an Artists Doll [draft review]
Large-scale file system profiling via computer animation [draft review]
Video Depth Matting [draft review]
Clouds [draft review]

Class Goals

Exposure to animation concepts and research
We’ll be reading and discussing approximately 20 research papers in class. Some of these will be older and some more recent. In addition you’ll find and read at least 10 papers related to your project. Finally, you should learn one area deeply by implementing a complex project.

Practice reading, writing, reviewing, presenting research material
The most important thing you are learning in graduate school different than an undergraduate degree is how to communicate with a community of researchers. You need to be able to find relevant research, read research papers, communicate research ideas both in writing and in presentations, and determine which ideas are important and which aren’t. A huge portion of this class will be dedicated to practicing those skills.


Final Documentation

    Final presentation

How to review a paper


Month Day     Due
January  5     Introduction

    Paper (Davis: sketch based animation)
    More team building/proposal questions
    Set up paper schedule, build paper set
Reading plan proposal

    Paper (Davis: SCAPE)
    Discussion: project
Team proposals
  15     Holiday  
17     Discussion: proposals  
22     Paper Presentations
24     Paper Presentations Draft 2 page document with fake figures and results
29     Discussion: write-ups Reviews of half papers
31     Reviews of other half papers
February 5     Paper Presentations  
    Discussion: what goes in a presentation
    Paper Presentation
12     Student team presentations (2 groups)  
  14     Student team presentations (2 groups)  
19     Holiday  
21     Paper Presentations
26     Paper Presentations  
28     Discussion: video drafts Video draft
March 5     Paper Presentations  
7     Paper Presentations Revised paper (4 page)
12     Discussion: Reviews of papers Reviews of papers
14     Paper Presentations; Class Evaluations
  21     Finals Slot (4pm - 7pm) Show your work presentations