Glass Fracture
CS260, W03
Ivan Dramaliev

How to use it:

When the program initially loads it displays a slab of glass on top of a rectangular surface. There is also a 'hammer' but in the default camera position it is invisible. Reorient the camera by dragging the mouse while holding the left or right button and you will be able to see the hammer which is a thick white line. The hammer points to where the glass should be hit.
To reposition the hammer hold the CTRL and left mouse button while moving the mouse. Once you select a position, you can change the material properties - brittleness and dissipation and the amount of force the is applied. Once you settle on these properties click on Crack to smack the glass at the position of the hammer.

Source files structure and description:

A screen of the initial look of the application

A screen after cracking the glass once

... and after two times