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Computer Science 201
Analysis of Algorithms
CMPS 201 (20680)

MIDTERM 1 IS WED. OCT. 31.    ho01.{pdf,ps} is revised.
Practice exam was be handed out Wed. Oct. 17.

See Handouts/ho06-practice-mid1.{ps,pdf}  

ROOM CHANGE.    Physical Sciences Bldg (PSB) 110.
Effective immediately.
Enrollment limit HAS BEEN raised in AIS. Register now to avoid permission codes.

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This page is not usually used for news, mailing list will be in place as soon as all students have enrolled.

Class Mailing List:
Sorry, the School of Engineering no longer supports mailing lists.
There will be a google group called cmps201-discuss.
48 students enrolled as of Oct 15 were added to cmps201-discuss on Oct 19 and received a welcome message, supposedly. The others who enrolled later were added Oct 23.

My welcome message said you can email to post, and this has been verified.
For this class you will need to send mail from your SOE login and receive mail there.
To send mail from your SOE login,
Method 1: WATCH THIS SPACE (Orientation instructions, I hope?)
and login with your SOE login and SOE password.
Send your message.
At this point you may configure this interface to forward your SOE email elsewhere, or else read it here.

Method 2: ssh to certain SOE servers (e.g.,, and use mailx on the command line.
If you accidentally type just "mailx" it will be unproductive, but type "x" at the first prompt and you will be back to the unix prompt.
In particular, "mailx" allows you to post to the class mailing list.
Refer to method 1 for reading mail, though.

Method 3: Use something else (slugmail, gmail, thunderbird, etc.),
but then you are on your own to figure out to accomplish these functions.

CE students:
You must demonstrate that you satisfied the data structures preparation requirement (e.g., CMPS 101) or you will be deleted from the class. This policy is established at the request of the CE Department.
You must have your ``data structures requirement'' signed off and bring a xeroxed copy of this paper to hand in at class. See your adviser or the graduate staff person, Carol Mullane, or Prof. Schlag if you don't know what this means.

All students
will demonstrate their preparation by taking a review examination on CMPS 101 material. This take-home exam will be given out in the first class meeting (Sep 28).
It is due Wed., Oct. 3, 12:30 PM. There is a lateness penalty. It will be graded. It must be your own work--no consultation with anyone except the Instructor. If you bug the TA he will simply redirect you to the Instructor. Any clarifications will be posted on, or linked from, this class web page and sent to the Class Mailing List (once it exists).

References to ``the syllabus'' mean or ho01.pdf.

No permission codes will be issued until after the review exam is graded (but add/drop/swap is open until Oct. XX). Attend class. Attendance will be taken in the first several classes.

Fall 2012 Class Handouts
Handouts and other files. The syllabus is or ho01.pdf

Key Dates, A.Y. 2012-13.
Instruction Begins September 27
Holidays November 12, 22, 23
Instruction Ends December 7
Final Exams December 10--13
calendar-two-pages.pdf A.Y. 2012-13.
Grad part-time staus deadline Oct. 5
Permission numbers required Oct. 6
Add/Drop/Swap deadline Oct. 17
Add by petition starts Oct. 18
Add by petition ends Nov. 7
Grades due Dec. 18
Evaluations due Jan. 14
Registrar web page.
School of Engr course info.
ITS Computer Lab Schedules.

Lecture times:
MWF 12:30-2:00, PSB-110
Prof. Allen Van Gelder (avg @
Phone: (831) 459-4611 (Lab 459-4534)
Office: 355 Engineering II (Lab 482)
Office Hours: Mon., Wed. 2:00-4:00, plus drop-in or appt.
Teaching Assistant:
Krishna Vuppala (vrk <at>
Office: BE 312 C/D
Office Hours: Tues 10-12, Wed 10-12

Primary Textbook:
Computer Algorithms, 3rd Edition by Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder

Students should already be familiar with most of Chs. 1-8.
Lectures will cover advanced topics in chs. 1-8 and parts of chs. 9, 10, and 13.
A few topics in chs. 11, 12, and 14 might be covered.
A few topics not in the text might be covered by handouts.

Please click here to see web-errata.pdf

Possible used source: book-trade-website.txt

NOTE: Paperback copies are genuine, but only the first printing. It is important that you correct the errata. They are printed in India and China.

Other Texts (for reference, no assignments):
Introduction to Computer Algorithms, 3rd Ed.
by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein (2009)

Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
by Aho, Hopcroft, and Ullman (1979)

C: An Advanced Introduction, ANSI C Edition
by Narain Gehani

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