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Golden Fist is a 3D Action Adventure Role Playing Game with a few musical game-play mechanics thrown in on the PC. Players assume the role of Kesshi, a seventeen year old boy who has been chosen to become the next conductor of "Nature's Symphony." Actions, such as sword fighting, jumping, healing, and defending are to be performed to the beat of the music playing, the closer to the beat the stronger the result will be. In a race to stop The God of Fire from escaping a mythical desert, yielding catastrophic results, Kesshi must seek the wisdom of four other elemental gods to truly understand the symphony and finally become a conductor. A combination of 3D art, custom shaders, rotoscoped live-action cut-scenes, and classic artistic media allow this story to be told.



God of Fire


Giant Coyote


Punching Cactus


Rock Monster

2009 Golden Fist Team