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CMPS 170 Series Students

Walter Gray is a C++ programmer particularly interested in engine and tools programming. When not working or programming, he can typically be found trying to setup LAN parties, eating ridiculous amounts of pineapple, studying Japanese, or playing with sharp objects and fire. He can be reached at walter.r.gray (at) nospam.gmail.com

Matt Group started working in the video game industry as a tester in 2004 working for Activision Inc. After five years, Matt has worked his way up to production level and has shipped 6 titles, 5 of which are ‘AAA.’ While not working, Matt has been studying video game design production and theory at The University of California Santa where he was given the opportunity to create his own major entitled “Film & Interactive Entertainment: Video Game Design, Production, & Theory."

Max Smyth spends most of his time tearing phonebooks in half. When he is not doing the aforementioned, he is designing, coding, or just playing games.

Dustin Escoffery is a game design student with a passion for programming. He believes in making things work and making others happy.

Jason Moore has loved video games since he was 5, and he is interested in everything that goes into making a game. His favorite genres are RTS, FPS, and survival horror.

Benjamin Cooley has been interested in video games since his first access to a computer as a elementary school kid. Since then his interests have shifted from educational games to adventure games to strategy games. He is planning on attending graduate school for a Masters in Computer Science at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.

Corey Brennan has been playing and loving video games from a young age. Her favorite game genres are simulations and RPGs. In industry, she plans to produce games that are both gameplay-centered and thought-provoking.


Producer/Writer/Creative Director
Matt Group

Technical Lead
Walter Gray

Lead Designer
Max Smyth

Senior Programmer
Dustin Escoffery

Benjamin Cooley
Corey Elizabeth Brennan

Additional Level Design
Devin Shinn

Lead Composer
Alexander Krasij

Nathaniel Chambers (Bubble Pipe Media)

Music Composition Consultant
Michael Marchisotto

Art Director/Lead Animator
Jason Moore

Art Director (San Francisco Team)
Stirling Dimitrius

3D Modelers
Ted Morente
Edmund Zhu
Dave Blank
David Robinson

Lead Concept Artist/Animator
Michelle Hansen

Additional Concept Artwork
Kelly Huffine

Cinematic Lead
Juan Bayardo

David Fisher

Cinematic Background Artists
Zoe Patrick
Kat Rieser

Cinematics Actors
Kesshi - Alek Kersten
God of Fire - Ian Cooke
Goddess of Wind – Calia Johnson
God of Growth - Logan Fox
Goddess of Water - Megan Trout
Narrator/God of Earth - Clay Newman

Bestboy Grip
St. Erhan Ethem

Green Screen Consultant
Jeff Panchick

Choreography/Martial Arts Consultant
AJ Richardi

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