Unity is a commercial 3D Game E gine available for Mac and PC.
Targets Mac, PC, Web and optionally iPhone and Wii development.
Cost is $400 for indy and $1500 for the pro version.







Development takes place through the Unity Editor and a variety of scripting languages including JavaScript, C# and Python. Source code access is not available unless you have $50,000 lying around.





Unity supports:
• DirectX and OpenGL.
• Has support for particles, shaders, terrains.
• Integrates Ageia PhysX physics engine.
• Networking. Full online multiplayer support.
• Has support for audio and video built in.




Graphics engine looks professional and current.
• Realtime soft and hard shadows.
• vertex lights and lightmaps also supported
• lens flares




• ShaderLab language - write your own shaders
• 40 built - in and editable shaders including water
• Full Screen Post-Processing Effects




• Ageia PhysX
• Rigidbodies work without need for scripting
• Joints fully customizable
• Car physics
• Ragdolls




Ease of Use:
Unity has many features while lacking source code access. Even so the ease of use benefits might out-weigh this fact.
• Asset Importing - can open Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and Blender project projects directly (no need to export to specific formats).
• 2D support includes Photoshop, height-map to normal coversion, mipmap generation and font support.

• One-Click Deployment - Click a button in the editor and out comes a ready to play build of your game for any platform. Includes iPhone, which is handy considering the lengthy process other engines like iTorque go through to accomplish this.
• Optional version control package includes version control for project and assets.






Matt Folsom