Made by Bryan Harris, Ben Samuel, and Kathleen Tuite

Using the 2D game engine by Group A

Available for download, runnable on windows and mac:

A game of adventure, stealth, and cunning! You are the dragon fledgling, cruelly chained up by the local knights, who often come by to harass you. However, you can torch them with your flame and eat them if they get too close to your mouth. Eating knights helps you grow up, and when you reach a certain size, you are able to break free from your chains and fly away! Be warned that some knights (with red feathers) carry sheilds and cannot be charred. When they get close to you, they drop their shields (and turn into sheildless knights with blue feathers) and charge at you. Knights bashing you with their swords obviously is detrimental to your health, so be sure to eat them faster than they attack you.

Using Group A's engine, we organized all types of objects into script files:

We made use of the engine's scripting capabilities to attach sprites to these individual types of objects, easily handle collisions with other sprites. Game design was limited to being centered around having a few types of sprites, but the engine worked well and was easy to use for the most part, though (like our own engine) it could have used more documentation.