CMPS 161 Winter 2003 Final Projects

Project Awards:


2D Path Finding
Wilson Saunders

Next Best:

L-systems Tree
Clint Thorne

Honorable Mention:

Shadow Volumes
Jeff Wood

Free Form Deformation
Andy Manliguez

Sphere Physics in Action
Brian Cooley-Gilliom

Truck with Kinematics
Michael Dale

3D Pool
Ergin Dervisoglu

Grass Visualization
Tze-Yeung Lau

Bouncing Spring Balls
Kimberly Harlin

Metaballs and Isosurface
Kannan Goundan

Hierarchical Figure
Matt Kanninen

Waving Flag
Lindsay Mahon

Cell Shading
Nathanael Lieby

Operations on Models
Paul Eric Ward

Jello Cube Spring
Joel Petersen

Hair Animation
Ryan C. Lecha

Stipple Style Drawing
Sean Cosgrave

Swinging Pendulum
Sarah Warson

3D morphing
Armando Troche