Installation of Qt SDKs for both Mobile and Desktop Programming

In addition to covering graphics and OpenGL, this class also introduces you to mobile application development. This means you must learn to program for both desktops and Nokia N900 phones (which are Maemo based). To simplify this concurrent approach we have selected the Qt cross-platform SDK, which allows portability of code (to a large degree) across different platforms.

Qt Creator is the IDE that comes with the Qt SDK (similar to Visual Studio or Eclipse IDE). Please follow this three part instruction set to install a single Qt Creator version which would work for both desktop and mobile development seamlessly.

The instructions are written with a Windows OS in mind, however if you prefer a Mac or Linux based development environment there are Qt libraries for both those platforms.
Part I : Installing Nokia Qt SDK for mobile development
Download and install "Nokia Qt SDK 1.0" from (Select "Windows 32/64 (903MB)" for the offline installation)

This gives you all the libraries and tools (including the Qt Creator IDE) for development targeted at only mobile platforms. Since we will also need to develop applications for the normal computer desktop, we have to install an additional set of libraries (covered in part II) and make Qt Creator aware of them (part III).

If you want additional instructions on how to setup Nokia Qt SDK and how to compile and run your first mobile app (which can be done in a simulator mode even if you don't have a phone) visit
Part II : Installing Qt libraries for Windows
  1. Goto
  2. Click "Go LGPL" and "Qt libraries 4.6.3 for Windows (minGW 4.4, 280MB)" (located on the right-hand column under 'Libraries only')
  3. During the installation, when asked for the existing MinGW path, enter <Path of NokiaQtSDK installed in the previous step>\mingw (e.g. c:\NokiaQtSDK\mingw )
Part III : Setting up Qt Creator
  1. Launch Qt Creator (from your programs menu)
  2. Goto Tools->Options. Select "Qt4" from the left-hand pane.
  3. Click "+" on the right-hand side. (to add a new entry to the list of compile targets)
  4. In the text boxes at the bottom,
    a) under "Version name" enter "Desktop 4.6.3" (this name is only used for your reference)
    b) under "qmake location" enter "c:\qt\4.6.3\bin\qmake.exe" (exact path depends on the installation)
    c) under "MinGW directory" enter "c:\NokiaQtSDK\mingw" (exact path depends on the installation)
  5. Click "Ok" and close QtCreator.