CMPS 160 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Lab 3: Terrain Rendering
Fall 2010

This lab will introduce you to generating geometry, texturing, camera/world interaction.


Due : 11/2 and 11/4 (depending on whether you signed up for the Tuesday or Thursday lab)

Best Projects from Fall'07 (links to videos)






  • Functionality (100 points possible)
  • Load height field ppm from command line (5)
  • Load texture skin ppm from command line (5)
  • Generate lighting normals (25)
  • Must be based off height field geometry
  • Light the scene with 1 stationary light (15)
  • Use a display list to cache height field geometry (20)
  • Animate viewpoint using either keyboard commands or mouse movement (30)


          Checkout these notes to get quickly started on Texture Mapping.

          Calculating the normals 

          OpenGL Display Lists


          OpenGL Lighting



Submit Instructions


  • Using the 'submit' command
  • Submit your source code, a screenshot and other files necessary to compile your code. Do not submit video files through unix.ic!!
  • To submit your files, type:
  • submit cmps160-jed.f10 lab3 files

  • Vide Capture : Make your video capture file and name it with your UCSC username. The TA will copy it to a flash drive while grading.


  • In lab demo
  • You will be required to attend the lab session you are enrolled in to demo your submitted code to the TA's.
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