CMPS 160 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Lab 0: Compiling and running a simple Qt application
Fall 2010
This lab is simply a matter of compiling some test code and submitting it to verify that you have a functioning development environment. You'll be compiling for both Windows PCs and Nokia mobile phones.

The program will load and display an image, and allow the user to clear blocks of the image by dragging the mouse. It is based on the 'Nokia SDK : Getting Started: Simple Qt Animation' example.

  • Download and unzip the source code from here
  • Open using QtCreator.
  • In the 'Project setup' dialog box that pops up, select (1) "4.6.3" (2) Qt for Fremantle PR1.2 and (3) Simulator Qt for MinGW. Click 'Finish'
  • The project can now be built and run (default platform is 'Desktop', this can be changed from the IDE)

lab0 screenshot #1 lab0 screenshot #2
Submit Instructions
  • Using the 'submit' command
  • Submit your source code (including all .cpp, .h, .pro and .ui files), README (details given below), screenshots and other files necessary to compile your code.
  • To submit your files, type:
  • submit cmps160-jed.f10 lab0 files
  • README file (All labs should have a README file containing the following)
  • - name and e-mail address
  • - platform built on
  • - compile instructions
  • - list of files and what they do

  • In lab demo
  • You will be required to attend the lab session you are enrolled in to demo your submitted code to the TA's.