CMPS 160/260 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Fall 2010

CMPS 160 - Soc Sci 2 075
TuTh 10:00-11:45 am

CMPS260 - JBE 372
TuTh 2:00-3:45 pm

Course Information
Instructor: James Davis
Office: E2 363
Office Hours: Mon 10-11am

Course TA: Prabath Gunawardane

Office : E2 386 (Please knock if door is closed)
Office Hours: Mon 4-5pm, Th 12-1pm
Email: (Please use the SOE CMPS160 forum for class related questions)

Mailing List: (subscribe to get class announcements)
Forums: (Use for Q&A about the course, the course staff will monitor and respond)
Grades: [link]

Lab Information:

  • 160L-01: Tu 12-1:45pm at Soc Sci I PC (Room 135)
  • 160L-02: Th 2-3:45pm at Soc Sci I PC (Room 135)
  • 160L-03: Tu 7-8:45pm at Soc Sci I PC (Room 135)
Recommended Text :
    Official : Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach Using OpenGL (5th Edition) by Edward Angel

    Note : We have also looked at the 4th edition and found that the relevant sections are fairly similar.

Class Project Websites



160 Topic/Description



260 Topic/Description

9/23 Thu Overview [ppt]
Questions / permission codes / etc...

9/28 Tue Object Modelling [ppt]
(discussion of splitting classes and time slots)

2.1-2.42 (??)

4.1(p160) to 4.5(p192)

9/30 Thu

2D/3D Transformations [ppt]

* Seam Carving for Content Aware Image Resizing

4.6(p195) to 4.10(p219)  
10/5 Tue Projection [ppt]

(discussed with grads what goes in 260)

Lab 0-A
5.1(p235) to 5.5(p261) (decision to split classes)
10/7 Thu Visibility [ppt]

Lab 0-B 7.11 (p358 to p367)


* Digital photography with flash and no-flash image pairs

10/12 Tue Texture [ppt]
Appearance Based Texture Synthesis
8.6(p401) to 8.10(p426)



Photogrammetric Texture Mapping using Casual Images

10/14 Thu Lighting and Shading [ppt]
Scene completion using millions of photographs
Chapter 6 (p289 to p324) Lighting and Shading Scene completion using millions of photographs
10/19 Tue Displays and Images [ppt]

Lab 1-A
Introduce class project ideas, pick projects [ppt]
10/21 Thu

(No class, go to SOE Research Review Day) (Still having Thur lab)

Lab 1-B   (No class, go to SOE Research Review Day)
10/26 Tue Midterm 1 review

Lab 2-A

Finalize class project Ideas (lots of discussion)

Project Plan at start of class

10/28 Thu Midterm 1 (9/23-10/14) Lab 2-B


[Answer Key]

11/2 Tue Shader Programming [slides]

* Lab 3-A

Chapter 9 (p451 to p495)

Shader Programming


Research Papers:

Light Field Rendering

Photo tourism: exploring photo collections in 3D


Project Plan Revised + slides for pitch at start of class

11/4 Thu Grads pitch projects
Lab 3-B
Pitch Undergrads @ 10am (no class)
11/9 Tue Ray Tracing [ppt]
(Project plan for your part due at start of class)

Project Plan

* Lab 4-A

13.2(p654) to 13.3(p663)

Displays and images


Research Papers:
Towards passive 6D reflectance field displays

Fabricating Microgeometry for Custom Surface Reflectance


Full revised Project Plan with undergrad input and signatures

11/11 Thu Veteran's Day; No Class

Lab 4-B

(submit by this day, grade next week)

Holiday No class
11/16 Tue

Color and Vision / Perception [ppt] --- Evaluation of class discussion continued

(Written project status report due at start of class)

Project Report- Wk1

Color and Vision/ Perception


Research Papers3:


what goes in a research paper?

Directory of Docs on Reviewing Papers


(Written project status report due at start of class)

11/18 Thu Review for Midterm 2  

Ray Tracing


Color Harmonization :


11/23 Tue Midterm 2
(Written project status report due at start of class)
Project Report - Wk2

Midterm 2
[Midterm 2 Answer Key]

(Written project status report due at start of class)

11/25 Thu Thanksgiving Break; No Class

Holiday, no Class
11/30 Tue

Research Videos

from sigggraph09


-Dark Flash

-Harmonic Fluids

Research Papers




12/2 Thu Project Grading (no lecture)
(Project graded during both class and lab time )
Proj. Complete-Wk3
Project Grading (no lecture) (Project graded during both class and lab time )
12/8 Wed 12-3pm Final Project Presentations Project Presentation

Midterm study questions

There will be two midterms and no final. The midterms will consist entirely of questions similar but not identical to questions you have access to. The questions will be drawn either from my prior midterms/finals or from questions at the end of the relevant chapters of your textbook. I recommend forming study groups and working through these questions.

Dual class 160/260

This course is a dual course 160/260 meaning there are both undergrad and grad students enrolled. Everyone is doing the same labs/projects/midterms. Lecture time will be spent with the first 1 hour as "lecture", a short break, and then 40 minutes on a research paper.

The ramifications of a split class are : Less "lecture" time on core class topics than would be normal in an undergrad class. Time spent on research papers is an addition versus a standard undergrad class, but less than a normal grad class. Class project taken more seriously than a standard undergrad class. 

Grad students will have to "present" research papers. However we'll have videos for the actual content, and the grad student will need to suggest future research topics, answer questions about the paper, etc. This is a graded item for grads.

Grad students will act not as "project developers" but as "team leads" on the course projects. Meaning they will be responsible for keeping things on track in their team, and will be graded on overall team accomplishment rather than individual accomplishment.

Update: This is revised somewhat since we were over-enrolled and thus split the classes apart into seperate 160 and 260 classes with different uses of class time. We did however continue the joint "project" as well as maintain some other aspects of class due to the presumed joining that had been previously planned..

You will be expected to consistantly attend either the Tue or Thur lab (not switch back and forth). You will have weekly lab assignments due during the first half of the quarter. They are due on your lab day (meaning that different people have different due dates). You'll be graded in person in the lab time. The first 4 labs are individual assignments and will be completed on a combination of Windows PCs and Nokia mobile phones. The lab times in the second half of the quarter will be absorbed into project work.
You will be doing a substantial team project in the last 5 weeks of the class. Team size of 4 people, but you will have individual responsibilities and be graded both as a team and individually. A list of possible projects will be provided. [Info on projects]