CMPS 160 - Introduction to Computer Graphics - Fall 2005



James Davis


363 Engineering II


(831) 459-1841


Office Hours:

Tue 2-4pm, or by appointment

Class Time:

MWF 3:30-4:40 pm


Engineering II 192

Teaching Assistant:

Adam Smith

Additional Lab/Office Hours Listed on Discussion Board

Lab Hours:

(must attend one)

Social Science I Mac (Rm 135)
Section 1 : Mon 1-3pm
Section 2 : Tue 4-6pm
Extra lab times: (no assignment presentation or grading during these times)
Section 3 : Wed 1-3pm
Section 4 : Friday 5-7pm

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Hearn and Baker

Computer Graphics with OpenGL Third Edition

ISBN 0-13-015390-7




Assignment #1 

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Assignment #4

Assignment #5

Bells and whistles extra point ideas

Meshshop Documentation (including property descriptions)

Final from Spring 2005

Study Topics

Answers to Midterm #1

Study Questions Written by Class

Answers to Midterm #2

Answers to Final


Schedule CMPS 1600 Fall 2005

(I don't have very good notes for what we discuss in class. I'll try to link to some combination of things that will help refresh your memory. Including links to lecture notes provided by professors elsewhere, scans of pages I've referred to, and digital material I showed in class.)


Sep 23





Sep 26


Visual perception / raster displays
[Extras] [More extras]

No labs this week

1(skim), 2.1-2.3, 10.7-10.8

Sep 28


Line drawing, rasterization
[Extras] [More extras]




Sep 30


Finish previous two topics



Oct 3


2D Transformations, viewing, clipping

Assgn 1: Capture a mesh

This week lab meets in the Computer Animation / Motion Capture Lab in E2 386




Oct 5


3D Transforms, pinhole camera



Oct 7


Finish previous two topics



Oct 10


Perspective [Viewing1] [Viewing2]
[Extras] [Projection.ppt]

Assgn 2: pixel op, painterly render


Oct 12


Visibility . z-buffer, scanline
[Extras] [Visibility.ppt]

Assgn 1 graded in lab


Oct 14


Finish previous two topics



Oct 17


Prep for midterm

Assign 3 : perspective, viewpoint


Oct 19


Midterm 1

Assgn 2 graded in lab


Fri Oct 21


Lighting, Shading (local), BRDFs


Mon Oct 24


More lighting

Introduce meshshop
3 graded in lab 


Wed Oct 26


Ray Tracing, global illumination


Fri Oct 28


Color Models




Oct 31


Sampling Theory

Assign 4 : lighting, material properties

4.17, 13.9, FvD14.10

Nov 2


Aliasing, anti-aliasing in graphics



Nov 4


Image Warping, Textures



10.13-10.18, Heckbert [figs]

Nov 7


More aliasing/textures

[AliasingImage - Description]

Extra point projects


Nov 9


Assgn 4 graded in lab

Nov 11



Nov 14


Animation (Guest speaker Mark Henne - 1:30-3:30pm - next door)

Assign 5 : texture mapping, filtering

13, Lasseter

Nov 16


Prep for midterm


Nov 18


Midterm 2



Nov 21


Digital Compositing [Extras]

Porter&Duff,, Blinn[1]

Nov 23


NPR (lecture given by Adam)


Assgn 5 graded in lab


Nov 25





Nov 28


Videos of recent graphics work

Extra point projects


Nov 30


(in class cool project presentations)



Dec 2


(class probably cancelled due to my travel)