CMPS 132, Spring 2014 (60852, 5 units)

CMPS 132W, Spring 2014 (62313, 2 units)

For GE DC requirement, take both.

Procedures for using draft1 on unix.ic

If you are connected to via ssh or you are logged into a linux workstation in the JBE 105 lab, you can access your own draft1/ directory by the path:


It is strongly advised to make a symbolic link to this directory from a directory of your own, where you work on your writing project. The command is:

     ln -s /afs/  Mydraft1

The final word is your choice and appears to be a file in the directory where the command was issued. Now you can do pushd Mydraft1. Learn to use pushd instead of cd. Read man pushd for usage.

You have write permission in this directory. There are no versions. Do not use submit for updating. Use cp -p, which preserves time stamps. Copy over all the files for your writing project and be sure pdflatex compiles your main latex file.

Click here to access Handouts, which are files beginning with ho in many cases, but not all.
Files with the same name except for the extension have the same content.
The syllabus and other official information is in ho01.{pdf,ps}.

Click here to access Gradiance, which is where most homework will be done, online.
After you have your account, enter the Class Token to access assignments.
The class name is CMPS132.
Click here to open your Gradience account. Use your UCSC email (CruzID) as your Gradiance name.
Click here to access Gradiance online help, including user manuals, etc.
Click here to access the SECURE directory, which requires the class username and password.
The Gradience token and related info are in this directory, under gradiance-code.txt .

Key Dates, A.Y. 2013-14.
Academic Calendar, A.Y. 2013-14.
Registrar class search page.
Registrar catalog page.
School of Engr course info.

Lecture times:
MWF 12:30-2:00pm, Baskin Engr. 165    
Additional 132W time:
by arrangement
Final Exam time:

Prof. Allen Van Gelder (avg @
Phone: (831) 459-4611
Office: 355 Engineering II
Office Hours: Mon., Wed. 2-3, plus drop-in or appt.

Class Mailing List:
There will be a google group called cmps132-discuss.
you can email to post.

Primary Textbook:
Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation, 3nd Ed., 0-321-45536-3
by Hopcroft, Motwani, and Ullman

Students should already be familiar with basics of Chs. 1-7.
Lectures will cover additional topics in chs. 1-7 and basics of chs. 8 through 11.

Beware of online purchasing.
Vendors often do not have low-volume books in stock and your order may take most of the quarter to arrive.
A web page called something like Abes Books has been used by students.

Writing Texts (for style and latex, no assignments, on reserve at Sci. Lib.):
Click here to access,
which is Mathematical Writing by
Donald E. Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, and Paul M. Roberts
LaTeX, A Document Preparation System, by Leslie Lamport
The LaTeX Companion, by Goosens et al.
LaTeX into Math, by xxxxxx.

Registering for 132W:
To fulfill the disciplinary communication (writing) requirement, students must register for 132W (2 units), as well as 132.
132W involves extra writing assignments.
The same grade is given for 132 and 132W in these cases.

Registering for a grade:
School of Engineering departments require undergraduate students to register for a grade in all upper division classes related to your major requirements.
If you did not choose letter grade when you enrolled, you should change to letter grade (if you are an undergrad). This does not increase or decrease your chance of passing with a C or better.
Note that C does not mean ``average'', it means ``satisfactory''. Since well over half the students do satisfactory or better, C is actually below average.

CMPS 101 and CMPS 130.
Students with a good record may use CMPS 130 as a co-requisite, if it is offered this quarter.
Get a permission code from the instructor.
The Undergraduate Advising Office issues permission codes for certain administrative situations, where you "really" have the pre-requisites and "really" are in the major, but the Registrar records do not show it. See
Attend the first class if you think you qualify for CMPS 132.
Talk to me after class or at the scheduled advising time for beginning-of-quarter or at office hours if you need a permission code from me.
Be warned: I never waive a pre-requisite because you failed to pass the course, i.e., you got NP, F, D, or W.
There is a School of Engineering form you need to fill out (on paper) and hand to me in connection with getting a permission code. (This does not apply for using CMPS 130 as a co-requisite.) Ask the Undergraduate Advising Office for a copy, or check their forms page for a pdf version to download. See Select "Request for Permission Number and/or Prerequisite Waiver [PDF]". This does not apply to graduate students.

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