CS 115 -- Software Methodology

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Turn in homework as due. Place the homework on the table at the front of the room. Late work will NOT be accepted or graded. Homework is graded in terms of being done using correct grammar, complete sentences, being readable, and referring correctly to software engineering tools and techniques that have been discussed in class or read in the previous week's assigned readings.

Lecture Slides

These powerpoint lecture slides are provided here as a convenience to you, but are not all of the slides presented in class. Due to copyright issues we are not able to provide the complete set. You are responsible for learning all the material covered in class, including lectures, notes written on the board, and the assigned readings in the textbook.


The first quiz will be on April 16. The second quiz will be on May 2. The third and last quiz will be on May 23. The final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4, from 7:30-10:30pm. The final exam is to be taken by all students who do not achieve a good class performance. A good class performance is defined as an average of 80% or better on in-class quizzes.

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Other Material

Some of the material from these pages has been taken from the cmps115 course web pages of Craig Kaplan. The web pages describing the templates for the project documents were developed by Donna Stidolph and paid for, in part, by a Mini-grant from the Center for Teaching Excellence at UCSC.