CMPS 102, Fall 2017 (23436)

Instructor: Prof. Van Gelder
Office Hrs. MW 1:15- 2:15

Lecture Room: EMS B206
MWF 2:40 - 3:45

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Lecture times:
MWF 2:40-3:45, EMS B206 (WATCH FOR ROOM CHANGE)   

Prof. Allen Van Gelder (avg @
Phone: (831) 459-4611
Office: 355 Engineering II
Office Hours: Mon., Wed. 1:15-2:15 plus drop-in or appt.

Teaching Assistants (all times and places tentative):
Panos Karagiannis (pkaragia @
Discussion Sections see below.
Office Hours during sections + by appt.
Also, please arrange appointments well in advance to be sure the TA is actually available.

Discussion Sections

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Primary Textbook (because of low cost):
Computer Algorithms, 3rd Edition
by Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder

This and several additional books will be on reserve in the Science Library.
Use the Supplements link below to find and web-errata.pdf, which have important corrections.

Students should already be familiar with most of Chs. 1-8.
Lectures will cover advanced topics in chs. 1-8 and most or all of ch. 10, and topics from Kleinberg and Tardos.
Parts of chs. 5, 6, and 9 will be covered.

Please click here to see Supplements
and use the Back button on your browser if you want to return to this page.

Also supplements are in Handouts/ (link from this page) and in class locker.

There are probably many used copies available.

The most up-to-date paperback printing has a mostly yellow cover, is called "International Edition", and is likely to be your best choice.
ISBN: 978-8-13170-244-4 OR 8-13170-244-8.
Many online ads have the wrong cover picture. Go by ISBN.

International Edition has incorrect information in some cases:
it says paperback in some cases where the book is actually hardback.
it groups different products in one ad.
Be sure to check the ISBN of what you actually order to be sure.

Some students report good experience with the Abe Books web site (,
I entered "baase van gelder" and saw a lot of listings.

Of course, the Bay Tree Book Store has various versions that you can look at and see what you are getting. They said they will try to get the "International Edition".

Advanced Text (for reading and some assignments):
Computer Algorithm Design, latest Edition
by Kleinberg and Tardos (about 2006)

This and several additional books will be on reserve in the Science Library.

Other Texts (for reference, no assignments):
C: An Advanced Introduction, ANSI C Edition
by Narain Gehani

Introduction to Computer Algorithms, 2nd or 3rd Edition
by Thomas Cormen, Charles Leiserson, Ron Rivest, Clifford Stein (2001)
(The first edition is also good.)

These and several additional books will be on reserve in the Science Library.

Registering for a grade:
School of Engineering departments require undergraduate students to register for a grade in all upper division classes related to your major requirements.
If you did not choose letter grade when you enrolled, you should change to letter grade (even if you are a grad). This does not increase or decrease your chance of passing with a C or better (B or better for grads).
Note that C does not mean ``average'', it means ``satisfactory''. Since well over half the students do satisfactory or better, C is actually below average.

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