Homework 3

Particle Effects

Due: Tuesday March 9, 2010

Implement the following particle effects :

1) Smoke moving upwards from the bottom of the screen.
2) Comet trail like the one showed in class.

In your submission, you should either provide a button to switch between the two effects or have them running at the same time. You may use the base code provided to you in class for managing particles but your submission should not include the entire sample code. Only include the two effects that are part of the homework.


Submit a single zip file with all source code, executables, and a readme file for your project on the moodle class page. The readme file should contain precise instructions on how to run your assignment including any text commands or keyboard shortcuts. In some cases, we may request a demonstration of your working assignment in order to correct your submission.

Extra Credit

You may receive up to 15 points of extra credit by adding all of the following features:

Implement one of the effects in HLSL.

Evaluation Criteria

Assessment of the Particle Effect assignment will be based on two criteria: Correctness (70%), Efficiency (20%), and Design(10%).

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