Game Design Experience

CMPS 20 - Winter 2009

Instructor: Professor Jim Whitehead <>
Office Hours: T, 10:30AM-12 PM, E2 273, or by appointment
Teaching Assistant: Bill Manegold <>
Class: MWF, 9:30PM-10:40PM, Natural Sciences Annex, Room 101
Sections: (1) Monday, 3:30-4:40pm, Physical Sciences 140, (2) Friday, 12:30-1:40pm, Natural Sciences Annex, Room 102
Tutor help session (drop-in): Tuesday, 2-3pm, Jack's Lounge (Baskin Engineering whiteboards, 1st floor)

Final Exam: Thursday, March 19, 9:00AM-11AM (in Natural Sciences Annex 101).
*** Note change of exam time to 9AM ***

Class Materials


Teaching schedule and due dates


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Description of homework assignments


Description of deliverables for each project phase


How grades are determined

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Last updated: 1/15/2009