Game Design Experience

CMPS 20 - Winter 2008

Instructor: Professor Jim Whitehead <>
Office Hours: T, 10:30AM-12 PM, E2 273, or by appointment
Teaching Assistants: Ian Rickard <>, Sheena Marquez <>
Class: T, 8:30-9:40, PSB 110, MWF, 12:30PM-1:40PM, Media Theater, M110

Final Exam: Wednesday, March 19, 4:00PM-7:00PM (in Media Theater)

Class Materials

CS 20 Syllabus

Teaching schedule and due dates for CS 20 specific material

CS 80K Syllabus

Teaching schedule and due dates for CS 80K specific material (also required for CS 20 students)

CS 80K Home Page 

CS 80K course home page


List of course textbooks, and supplemental readings


Notes from the lectures


Podcast (audio files) of the lectures


Description of deliverables for each project phase


How grades are determined

Tools Information about development tools

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