Introduction to Computer Science
Winter 2010
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Final exam has been graded. Scores have been emailed to you.
If you feel that there may be an error on our grading your exam
(significant difference between your expectations and your score),
please feel free to email the instructor directly.

I have been keeping track of extra credit and all Monday (March 15) submissions of makeup last-minute work.
They will be incorporated into your final grade.

If you have any concerns about mistake on our part (for example, incorrect grading or recording of grades), please feel free to email the instructor directly.

If you have any advice on how to make the learning experience of CMPS 10 better next year for your peers,
please send them to me.
Unfortunately, through out the quarter, I did not receive much input from students on how to improve the learning process.
I have received emails from 2 or 3 students now. I very much appreciate this. I teach because I love it and I care!

Final grades are expected to be decided and posted on Wednesday, March 24.
We will not be able to provide any information on the final grade before then.

Makeup Requests doc   
Due Date for all makeup requests for HWs1-4, Labs 1-4, and Quiz 1-4 is MARCH 1.
DUE DATE for all makeups is March 15.
Makeup and Extra Credit Rules       
Due date for all extra credit project proposals is MARCH 1.
Due date for all extra credit submission is also March 15.

Extra Credit In Class    

You can look at the submitted lab by using the ls command:
ls /afs/

Time and Place:  MW  5:00-6:45 pm   Media Theater  M 110
Class webpage:

Instructor:  Suresh Lodha
Office:   E2  361  
Office Hours:  MW  6:45-7:45pm+, or by appointment
Phone:   831-459-3773
Teaching Assistants:
Grace Lin <>
Tim Disney <>
Radhakrishna Vuppala <>

Lab Schedule: 
Monday           7:00 - 9:00pm       Baskin 105         
      Tim Disney <>  
Tuesday              6:00-8:00pm      Baskin 105            
Grace Lin <>     
Wednesday            3:00-5:00pm     Baskin 105             Radhakrishna Vuppala <>  
Wednesday     7:00-9:00pm       Baskin 105                  Tim Disney <
Thursday           2:00-4:00pm     Baskin 105              Grace Lin <>
Thursday           6:00-8:00pm      Baskin 105              Grace Lin <>
Friday           10:00-12:00noon      Baskin 105              Radhakrishna Vuppala <>
Friday           12:00-2:00pm      Baskin 105              Radhakrishna Vuppala <>

UCSC Computer Accounts:
It is a requirement of this course that all students have an active UCSC computer account.  If your account is not already activated, go to the MyUCSC portal and log in using the User ID and Password that were sent to you by the Registrar's Office, then click on the link labeled Activate UCSC Account.  The ITS Support Center assists with all technical services and computer support needs, including some basic Unix Information.  Computing Labs are administered by Instructional Computing, a division of ITS, which provides technology services for the UCSC campus.  Information on how to submit lab assignments through your UCSC computer account is contained in the first lab assignment.

On-Campus Resources
School of Engineering
ITS  Home Page
Instructional Computing
ITS Help Desk
ITS Software
Other Resources
Unix Tutorial for Beginners
Another Unix Tutorial from University of Washington.


A Pico Tutorial from the North Carolina State University.
Mastering the VI editor from University of Hawaii.
An Emacs Tutorial.

Programming in C/C++

C++ language tutorial - The C++ resources network
C Programming
Programming in C
Rob Pike: Notes on Programming in C

Programming in Java

Java Programming Resources

Programming in Perl

Perl Directory
Perl Documentation

If you find any errors, please report them to:

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