CMPE 221 - Advanced Microprocessor Design - Spring 2006

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General Class Information

  • Lecture times: Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:45pm
  • Class: Kresge Clrm 319
  • Instructor: Jose Renau
    Office Hours: Friday, 4:00-6:00 PM
    Office: E2 227
  • Lab time: Friday, 1:00-3:00pm (E2 201)
  • Text book: None. See reading list
  • Mailing list: SCOORE Mailing list


  • Paper Reviews: 40%
  • Project: 60%


  • No exams, midterms, or homeworks. Grading is based on paper reviews and project.

Class Description

CMPE221 is an introduction to the latest advances in computer architecture. Focuses on processor core design. Topics include simultaneous multithreading, thread level speculation, trace caches, novel out-of-order mechanisms, and energy-efficient processor core designs.

Final project requires the modification/enhancement of a synthesizable out-of-order processor (FPGA and ASIC target). The class project will resemble real industry projects. Students will work/collaborate on the same svn source project. Each group will be in charge of different processor parts.

Examples of projects: fetch engine, functional units, decode stage, memory...

Requirements: To take this class you are required to be knowledgeable of on computer architecture (cmpe202 or equivalent), and to have some experience with Verilog and/or VHDL (cmpe125/cmpe126 or equivalent). Concurrent enrollment in the Lab class is required. No textbook is required.

CMPE221/L (3 credit) consists of weekly two-hour lab session, and 10-15 hours of independent work.