Welcome to our CMPE80e, Spring 2005 GMO Group homepage. Below are the topics we will be covering. For more details, click on the corresponding links on the left navigation bar.

  • Introduction
  • Technicality
  • Benefits of GM foods
  • the negative impacts
  • Laws on GM foods
  • Conclusion



Genetically Modified Foods has been around for years, but how many of us actually know that almost 70% of food in the grocery shelves are genetically modified? What are the dangers? the benefits?. By genetically modified food means that that food is no longer natural, it is the product of combining genes from different organisms.

We will be talking how this DNA combination is done, the good, and the bad of the final product as well as the laws regarding these genetically engineered foods, thats widely availabe in today's market, especially here in the United States.

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