Introduction to computer systems and assembly language and how computers compute in hardware and software. (more)


This quarter's course staff is as follows.

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This Week in

Meeting Times

The class meets during the following times. Please note that we may meet in a different classroom for major tests (midterm(s) and final).

The Course

You are expected to attend lectures, but it is your choice. The three most important reasons for going to class are (1) there may be pop quizzes, (2) we may cover information that is not in the textbook nor in the lecture slides, and (3) you are responsible for the information covered in class.

The course work for this class will consist of weekly homework assignments, possible pop quizzes, , and one final examination during finals week. Please check the current syllabus for grading criteria. It is strongly recommended that you do all the homework assignments, both because they are graded and because it takes practice to learn some of the material.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is a requirement for the course. As mentioned, all assignments must be your own independent work. Similarly, cheating on a midterm or the final will result in failure in the course and lab and further damage to your academic career as appropriate.