BME 280B - Winter Quarter 2008

Noon-1pm  Tuesdays (and some Thursdays)

Physical Sciences Building, Rm 305

Jan 8 Sign Up

Jan 15 Stuart Kim, Stanford
"Genome-wide views of aging gene networks"

Jan 22 No speaker

Jan 24 Chad Saltikov, UCSC (Thursday seminar)
"Molecular biology of iron and arsenic metabolism in bacteria"

Jan 29 Chen-Hsiang Yeang, Simons Center for Systems Biology
"Combinatorial patterns of somatic mutations in cancer"

Jan 31 Tomas Wu, Genentech
Special Thursday seminar at *2pm* in PSB 305

Feb 5 John Zehr, UCSC
"From genes and genomes to biomes: ecology and genomics of
nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in the world's oceans"

Feb 12 Tony De Tomaso, Stanford
"Transplantation, regeneration, and parasitic stem cells:
the strange life of a basal chordate"

Feb 19 Fritz Roth, Harvard
"Genetic interaction and specialization in S. cerevisiae"

Feb 26 Peter Karp, SRI
"Databases and Algorithms for Pathway Bioinformatics"

ALSO Feb 26:
Special Tutorial Session by Peter Karp at 3pm, PSB 305:
"Using BioCyc"

Feb 28 James Galagan, Broad Institute
"Computational Genomic Approaches to Studying Tuberculosis"

Mar 4 Julia Pak (Andrew Fire's Lab), Stanford
"Small RNAs in Caenorhabditis elegans"

Mar 11 Ian Holmes, UC Berkeley
"Discovering new genes and reconstructing old ones: virtual machines for
evolutionary bioinformatics of proteins and ncRNA"

Mar 18 Final Exam Week, no seminar planned