BME 280B, Fall 2006

Biomolecular Engineering Seminar Series

The Biomolecular Engineering sseminar series assumes students have a background in biology, chemistry, computer science, or statistics.

Note to food Providers: To get reimbursed, turn in your itemized receipts to Josh. Josh will then write you a check. Thanks for helping to bring food!

Place: Physical Sciences Building, Room 305 (map).
Thursdays 12-1:50 (break 12:50-1).

Past Seminars:


Speaker #1

Speaker #2
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11/30 Doug Kellogg: Control of cell cycle events by molecular switches Melissa Jurica: Modeling spliceosome structure from multiscale information James Ireland Zack Sanborn
11/16 Fitnat Yildiz: Vibrio cholerae c-di-GMP signaling systems Bill Dunbar:
Regulation via Feedback Control - From Cruise Control of Automobiles to
Translocation Control of Single Stranded DNA and RNA in a Nanopore.
Todd Lowe John Archie
11/9 Lily Shiue: Splicing-sensitive microarray analysis Bin Chen, Biology, Assembling a neural circuit: wiring up the brain during development Shyamini Vasili Pinal Kanabar


Kevin Karplus, BME: Origami with strings: protein folding with computers.

Pradip Mascharak, Chemistry: Designed Photoactive Metal Nitrosyls for Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer. Grant Thiltgen Jonathan Magasin
10/26 Jonathan Trent, NASA Ames Research Center and BME, Chaperonins, rosettasomes, HSP60s:Proteins and structures to be reckoned with. Bill Scott, Chemistry, RNA, catalysis, and the origins of life (unconfirmed) Greg Dougherty Greg Dougherty
10/19 Chad Saltikov, E.Tox.: Molecular biology of iron and arsenic "eating" bacteria. Seth Rubin, Chemistry: Molecular Mechanisms Regulating the Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Pathway. David Ng Chris Szeto
10/12 Grant Hartzog: Connecting chromatin transcription and rna processing
Todd Lowe: Insights from Comparative Analyses of Three New Hyperthermophile Genomes Josh Stuart Josh Stuart

Al Zahler: Characterization of micro RNA complexes in C. elegans

Scott Lokey: Chemical genomics in yeast: uncovering pathway relationships using small molecules    
9/28 Peter Waddell David Haussler Phil Berman Phil Berman
9/21 Mark Akeson Josh Stuart