BIOL 210: Application and Analysis of (Biological) Microarrays

Winter Quarter, 2003

Problem Sets

Problem Set #1

GenePix Gridding Assignment (TBA -- You will finish using this data set in the 2/17 lab)
Use the array TIFF below to grid and analyze the data. I have talked to the lab support people, and the problem with the GenePix dongles should be fixed on Friday afternoon. In the meantime, you can finish going through the GenePix Tutorial we started in class, and start gridding the Pyrobaculum array. Questions going with this assignment will be posted on Monday (Jan 27)

Data: Pyrobaculum Array TIF    GAL file
(to save files, right-click, choose "Save target as", and save the tiff as "Pae-A063.tif", and the gal file as "")

Helpful Reading: Biological Relevance of Spotted (GenePix) Data

Problem Set #1 - Part B

Due Friday, Feb. 28

Problem Set #2

Hands-on into to the Stanford Microarray Database, using Cluster, and TreeView
Assignment (Due 2/21)