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Useful perl tools

BME 110: Computational Biology Tools

Links & Resources

Setting up your laptop
Intro to Unix
Introductory information on Unix, text editors and more.
Windows Users: Cygwin
Main page for downloading software to install Cygwin, a UNIX environment running under Windows
Bill Scott's Mac OSX page
Info, instructions and links about making Mac OSX a viable Unix platform.
Unix on Mac OS X Tutorial
Window users might like it too. Or try the 'Intro to Unix' link above.
The easiest way to dowload, compile, and install X11 software on a Mac
Apple Developer Tools
For Mac OS X 10.2.X; requires you to create an account (free). Once you're logged in, click on 'Download Software' on the left and then 'Developer Tools'. Look for 'December 2002 Mac OS X Developer Tools. You may also need the "August 2003 gcc Updater". If you're running 10.3, install off the XTools CD that came with OS X. If you're running 10.1.X, you can get the appropriate version of the developer's tools off this site, but if you haven't installed X11, you probably don't need the developer tools (or Fink).
Replaces ^M hidden characters with newlines

Major Sequence Databases/Bioinformatics Sites

GenBank, RefSeq, Pubmed, nr, OMIM, BLAST, MMDB, and lots more
ExPASy Expert Protein Analysis System
SwissProt, TrEMBL, ProSite
Useful Link Pages
UCSC Library Bioinformatics
Links to electronic journals, databases, software, and more; information on the proxy server SlugLink for remote access to UCSC-specific resources.
NAR Database List
Categorized list of bioinformatics databases described in the annual NAR databases issue (January)
Rohl Lab link page
Links to sites for protein bioinformatics