CMPE 100/L: Logic Design

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Lectures: TTh 12:00-1:45pm in Phys. Sci 110
Lab Section 1: TTh 2-4 in BE-104
Lab Section 2: TTh 4-6 in BE-104
Final: Monday June 8 4-7pm in Phys. Sci. 110

Instructor: Prof. Matthew Guthaus
Office Hours: Th 10:30-12 in E2-225
Phone: 831-459-4449
Email: mrg@soe.ucsc (Please include "CMPE100" in the subject)

TA: Keven Woo (klwoo@ucsc)
Lab: All
Office Hours: W 2-3pm in BE-104

Lab Tutor: Tina Nguyen (tihnguye@ucsc)
Lab: Sec 1 TTh 2-4
Office Hours: M 5-6pm in BE-104

Lab Tutor: Chase Peters (cpeters@ucsc)
Lab: Sec 2 TTh 4-6
Office Hours: F 3:30-4:30pm in BE-104

MSI Tutor: Chase Peters (cpeters@ucsc)
Hours: TBD


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