Welcome to CMPE 003 - Personal Computer Concepts

Software and Hardware – Winter 2009


General Class Information


Other course materials and communications will be available through the campus WebCT system. If you are having difficulty with WebCT, try the student information page. The Activate your WebCT account link is particularly useful, if you don’t see this class listed after logging into WebCT.


New students: Activate your UCSC email account, known as CruzMail, log in to the student portal (my.ucsc.edu) and click the link that says Activate UCSC Account.


Continuing students: If you have forgotten your CruzMail password or are unable to log on to WebCT, call the ITS Help Desk at 459-HELP between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.


Class Number:



Gerald B. Moulds

Use the WebCT Email tool to contact me:

- Click “Compose Message”

- Click “Browse” (to the right of the “Send to” box)

- I’m at the top of the list – Gerald Moulds (CMPE003_Moulds)

- As a last resort, you may contact me at gmoulds@soe.ucsc.edu, but it may take longer for me to respond to these messages.


Office: Engineering-2 Room #237A


Instructor Office Hours:

Thursday 10:00am-11:30pm, or by appointment.

Office: Engineering-2 Room #237A


Lecture times:

Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00-1:45pm, Classroom Unit 2.


Teaching Assistants:

Sheldon Logan – contact through WebCT Email as “slogan”.

Marc Mendonca – contact through WebCT Email as “mmendonc”.


Who is my TA?



Required text:


Tomorrow’s Technology and You, 9th edition, by George Beekman.  There are two versions of this text, the Introductory and Complete versions.  Both cover all the material we will be using in this course, so feel free to purchase whatever’s available or less expensive.






All labs are held in Ming Ong Computer Lab.  Maps to the computer lab can be found here.

1A: Monday, 2:00pm-3:30pm          - Ming Ong Lab          - TA: Sheldon Logan

1B: Tuesday, 9:30pm-11:00am         - Ming Ong Lab          - TA: Marc Mendonca

1C: Wednesday, 12:00pm-1:30pm     - Ming Ong Lab          - TA: Sheldon Logan

1D: Thursday, 10:00am-11:30am       - Ming Ong Lab          - TA: Marc Mendonca


Exam times:

Midterm Exams (each worth 15% of your final grade):

· Tuesday, January 27th (Chapters 1-3)

· Tuesday, February 17th (Chapters 4-6)

· Thursday, March 12th (Chapters 7-10)


Bring a pink Scantron form (form F-1712, available at the Bay Tree Bookstore) and pencils on exam days.

If you know you cannot make an exam, or need special arrangements, inform me at least a week ahead of the scheduled exam time.  If you miss an exam due to illness or emergency, contact me as soon as possible.


Academic Integrity:

Cheating in any part of the course may lead to failing the course and severe academic discipline.


Special Accommodations:

If you have special needs, we will accommodate you. Also, the Disability Resource Center offers services which are confidential and free of charge.


Course Outline:

This course covers the concepts of hardware and software used in personal computing. The lectures provide a background in terminology and fundamental concepts. The assignments provide hands-on practice using basic office applications and web tools.



This course is 5.0 credits. The course satisfies an IN requirement. Students cannot repeat this course for credit. Students cannot get credit for both this course and CMPS 2.


Grade Evaluation:



Your grade will be assigned: A=above 90%, B=75%-89%, C=60%-74%, Fail=below 60%


Quizzes can NOT be submitted late, for any reason.  This is both a class rule and a limitation of the WebCT software – neither your instructor nor your TA can change this.

Assignments submitted late will typically receive a grade of zero.  If you have a valid excuse for a late assignment, contact your TA or the Instructor.




Note on submitting Assignments 1-5:



Assignment 0 – EXTRA CREDIT - Send WebCT email to your TA – Due Friday, January 9th. – Do this RIGHT AWAY.


-If you are in a lab, send email to the TA in charge of that lab. (See above section on Lab Times and TAs)

-If not in a lab, if your last name begins with A-M Sheldon Logan is your TA.

-If not in a lab, if your last name begins with N-Z, Marc Mendonca is your TA.

-Click "WebCT EMail" from the left menu.

-Click on "Compose Message."

-In the "Send to:" box type in your lab TA email name, either “slogan” (for Sheldon Logan) or “mmendonc” (for Marc Mendonca).

-In the "Subject" type in "CMPE003 Assignment 0".

-In the message area, type in your favorite color (Red, Blue, etc.).

-Click "Send" in the lower left box.

-Worth 100 points of Extra Credit.


Assignment 1 - Word Processing – Due Wednesday, January 14



-The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate basic proficiency in creating and formatting a word processing document.

-Create a Word Document, listing the courses required for graduation in your major, or another major of your choosing.

-(This information can be found listed in the UCSC Course Catalog, or often on the Web Page for your department.)

-Assignment must be saved as a Microsoft Word 2003 document.

-You must submit "assignment1.doc" through WebCT.

-Do not use the Computer Engineering major.

-100 points for indentation depth of 3 or more classes at some point If your major does not have classes with this many prerequisites, at the end of your assignment provide an example of a class that does, to demonstrate you know how to do so.

-100 points for submitting this as a Microsoft Word document titled "assignment1.doc" (-50 for wrong filename)

-100 points for using 2 different font sizes (2 x 50)

-100 points for using normal, bold, italic, and underline (4 x 25)

-100 points for using bullets with at least two levels of indentation (2 x 50)

-100 points for no spelling errors (-10 for each error)

-100 points for correctness to complete the major (-10 per error)

-100 points for use of centering and left justify (2 x 50)

-100 points for including a web link which links to a UCSC department site

-100 points for using 3 different font styles: One serif, One sans-serif, One mono-spaced. (examples on pg. 588 of the text) (3 x 33)

-Sample page 1 and Sample page 2 are available as a model for your solutions.

-Worth 1000 points total (10%) plus up to a possible 100 points extra credit.  (See Sample page 2 for extra credit description).


Assignment 2 – Spreadsheet. Here are links to the assignment and an example – Due Wednesday, January 28th.


Assignment 3 - Web Page. Here are links to the assignment and an example - Due Wednesday, February 11th.


Assignment 4 – Programming. Here are links to the assignment and hello_java.html - Due Wednesday, February 25th.


Assignment 5 – PowerPoint Presentation. Here is the link to the assignment - Due Monday, March 16th.




All quizzes must be submitted by 11:30pm of their due date. Quizzes can not be submitted late for any reason. Each quiz is available for the five days previous to its due date.